Types of Careers in Public Service

What is Public Service?
Public Service embodies the ethical principles of the common good, service to others, and social equity. Public Service is important because the essential components of our society are largely carried out in the public sphere: health, justice and security, arts, science, public schools and universities, etc.

What are career opportunities in Public Service?
Those called to Public Service often work in the Government and Nonprofit Sectors which generally consist of all levels of government and publicly controlled and funded entities that deliver public programs, goods, or services.

Government Sector
The Government Sector consists of 89,476 federal, state, and local governments in the U.S. and provides basic government services in areas such as:

• City Management
• Financial Administration
• Budget Analysis
• Human Resource Management
• Community Affairs & Development
• Social Services
• Urban Planning
• Public Safety & Criminal Justice
• Emergency Services Management
• Performance Management
• Education
• Public Transit & Transportation
• Environmental Management
• Parks & Recreation
• Health & Human Services
• Postal Services
• Engineering
• Human Resources
• Youth Services
• Military
• Risk Management
• Libraries

Jobs and Opportunities
Government positions range from direct service providers to commissioners and cabinet secretaries. Typical employers include counties, townships, school districts, courts, legislative agencies, congressional offices, and federal departments. In the U.S., government agencies directly employ over 22 million workers, with 88% of these workers employed at the state or local levels. Millions more work as government contractors fulfilling services on behalf of the government.

Starting salaries typically range from $40K to well over $150K.

Nonprofit Sector
The Nonprofit Sector is made up of organizations that are not-for-profit and non-governmental that focus mainly on social services and service areas such as:

• Policy Analysis
• Administration & Management
• Financial Management & Budgeting
• Fundraising/Development
• Youth Services
• Community Outreach
• Education
• Philanthropy
• Grantwriting
• Arts
• Culture
• Museums
• Libraries
• Religion
• Civil Rights
• Social Action
• Advocacy
• Animal Welfare
• Research
• Family Services

Jobs and Opportunities
Nonprofit positions range from hands-on functions to directors and officers. Typical employers include nonprofit agencies, foundations, charitable organizations, special interest groups, libraries, museums, historic sites, research organizations, and educational institutions. In 2012, there were more than 1.4 million nonprofit organizations registered in the U.S. There were approximately 10.7 million workers in the nonprofit sector, with nonprofit employment accounting for 10.1% of total private employment in the U.S. in 2010.

Starting salaries typically range from $35K to well over $100K.

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